Tells you the weather. Gives you reminders.
Reads you translations. It's tech out loud.

Wear OS by Google

Loaded with Google Assistant, Tiles and Google FitTM, you've got the world on your wrist.

Listen up

Answer your calls right on your wrist*, hear responses from Google Assistant and listen to your favorite tunes with Gen 5's new speaker.

*Android phones only

Last longer

Extend your battery life for multiple days with new, smart battery mode.

Store more

Download more apps and music with 8 GB of storage, better performance and less lag.

Track your
heart rate

Gen 5's improved heart-rate sensor is battery efficient, so you can check your heart rate anytime you're on the move.

Go for a swim

Wash your hands, jump into the shower or hit the pool without fear, your touchscreen smartwatch will be safe and sound.


And hundreds more available on Google Play.