Caring for a Fossil Handbag
Day to day use of your leather goods will result in the development of a natural patina from the oils in your hands. It is more desirable to preserve the natural beauty of the leather, so most Fossil bags have had no glazing or coating applied.

leather care

The natural durability of quality leather should keep any Fossil handbag looking great for a long while. One thing to be aware of is the potential for the dye in other materials, such as dark denim jeans, to rub off onto the natural leather of your Fossil product. Natural top grain leather provides no protection against this, so it is something to keep in mind when carrying your handbag or other leather product.

Customers who feel they need to clean their bag should follow these simple care and cleaning guidelines:

Suggest that your customer test any cleaning technique on the bottom of their bag first to avoid an obvious stain.

For dirt, use a DAMP cloth and gently wipe. Fossil handbags should be kept free of excess moisture.

A quality leather cleaner can be used but it may result in a change in the color or finish of the product. Leather stained by cleaning is not covered under our warranty.

If needed on silver finished hardware, a liquid cleaner recommended for silver plate can be used.