Watch warranty
under the terms and conditions of this warranty, and to provide Fossil watches from the date of original purchase for a period of two (2) year warranty. Fossil warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.

Warranty Parts warranty covers only watch movement, pointer and dial. If an authorized service center for the material or workmanship defect diagnosis under normal use, we will repair or replace parts without parts of the watch case (the same model, in the absence of the same type of situation, for the same price watches) and do not charge maintenance fees. All mailing costs take who send who pay principle.

If you watch the problems not covered under warranty or the warranty period has expired, the service and maintenance costs are as follows:

Costs maintenance costs covered under warranty, adjustment shall be specific circumstances not covered under warranty parts to be ordered to national unity billable specific information please call Fossil Hong Kong Customer Hotline Tel: 3008 2157.

Other reasons for the accident if the damage causes the watch, negligence, unauthorized service and materials or workmanship defect beyond, the international guarantee does not apply.